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Having clean and properly functioning ductwork in your home is just as important as having the right air conditioning and heating systems. Without high-quality ductwork, you won’t have high-quality air or an efficient HVAC system. Southern Pride Service can help take care of all your ductwork needs. From cleaning and sealing your air ducts to installing air purifiers, you can count on us to provide you with whatever you need to have an effective ductwork system and healthy indoor air.

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Jim, Waldorf, MD

We have used Southern Pride for 23 years. They have been excellent always. They have replaced units for us and provided twice annual service in the fall and spring over the many years. I highly recommend them to anyone needing heating and cooling service.

Calvin Allen, Accokeek, MD

Professional and courteous as always. Know my system well and keep it running without costing me a fortune

Susan Brunson Waldorf, MD

On time, efficient and very helpful and informative.

Bill Smith, Clinton, MD

Semi-annual AC/Heating service was easy to schedule and Mark, service technician, showed up on schedule. Mark’s demeanor and appearance represent the ideal of what one should expect of a professional visiting your home. He demonstrated exceptional knowledge and expertise in thoroughly checking out our system and giving appropriate advice. He answered all of my questions to my satisfaction. Southern Price Service is an excellent company and Mark adds significantly to the company’s reputation. Well Done!

Signs You Need a Ductwork Repair or Renovation

If dirty or not properly sealed, your ductwork can be inefficient. Dirty ducts will result in unclean air circulating throughout your home. Ducts that aren’t sealed correctly can lead to air leaking out, making your HVAC system run inefficiently and your energy bills rise. If you’ve been having issues with the comfort and air quality of your home or are suddenly experiencing high energy bills, you may very well have an issue with your ducts. One of our certified technicians can inspect your ductwork to determine the issue and provide a cost-effective solution to restore the efficiency of your HVAC system. Some common signs to watch out for that you may need ductwork services include:

  • Ductwork that’s older than 15 years and is accompanied by signs of poor HVAC performance
  • Short and continuous cycling as opposed to the normal 5- to 15-minute cycles
  • Sudden and unexplained increase in energy bills
  • Poor indoor air quality or high humidity levels


How Southern Pride Service Can Improve Your Ductwork

When you’re in need of professional, top-quality ductwork services, count on Southern Pride Service. Our experienced and skilled technicians are highly trained to provide a variety of services to improve the functionality and efficiency of your ducts and HVAC system. Hire us for:

  • Duct cleaning
  • Duct sealing
  • Air purifier installation

Contact us now to set up a ductwork service or give us a call to speak with an expert about your ductwork needs.

How to Maintain Your Ducts

Regularly maintaining your air ducts can prevent the need for unnecessary service calls. You can easily maintain your ducts by:

  • Regularly changing the air filters
  • Use the highest efficiency air filter recommended by your HVAC manufacturer
  • Clean out dust regularly
  • Reach out to a professional as soon as you notice any issues

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Southern Pride Service is proud to provide top-quality ductwork services to every customer. We strive to provide not only outstanding work but also exceptional customer service. You can count on us for all your ductwork needs.

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