Tankless Water Heater Services in Southern Maryland

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Water heaters work hard in every household, ensuring Southern Maryland homeowners get warm water to support their daily activities like showering, washing dishes, washing clothes, and sanitizing.

Tankless water heaters are the most popular because of their many benefits. Read on to learn how your home could improve with one!

Southern Pride Service installs, replaces, repairs, and maintains tankless water heaters with the professional attention you deserve.

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Benefits of a Tankless Water Heater

When it comes to the benefits of using a tankless water heater, there are several to consider.

The Price

Tankless water heaters are more costly than the standard tank type, but they save on energy and are low-maintenance, making them cost-effective in the long term. You can often take advantage of a tax credit to reduce their price when shopping for one that suits your needs.

Saves Space

Since tankless water heaters produce hot water only when needed, they don’t need a large storage tank to hold gallons of water at a time. Their compact design means they can be installed easily without taking up vital space.

Money Savings

Tankless water heaters save you money because they operate without producing standby heat. This is unlike the traditional type of water tanks, which produce high temperatures even when they’re not being used. 

Better Durability

Tankless water heaters are more durable than standard water tanks. They’re also easy to maintain and use modern gadgets for easy control of your water heating needs.

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Tankless Water Heater Services


Every household appliance needs repair sometimes. The good news is that there are many safety systems built into tankless water heaters that will shut the unit off if something goes wrong. Get ahead of issues by contacting us if you notice any of these problem signs with your unit:

  • Your water is running out very slowly.
  • The pilot light on the unit has gone out.
  • There’s an extremely loud noise coming from the unit.

If you notice any of these problems with your tankless water heater, contact Southern Pride Service today at (301) 932-4925 so one of our experts can inspect and fix the unit.


Keeping your hot water flowing is our top priority. If you’re tired of rising utility bills, tankless systems are the way to go. Southern Pride Service will ensure your tankless water heater installation is done right the first time so your product has a long life span and operates at peak efficiency.


A tankless water heater doesn’t have a reservoir where sediment can collect, so it doesn’t require cleaning as often as a tank-type water heater. However, the sediment may still collect in heat exchange channels inside the unit, potentially causing hot water delivery to slow down over time.

If you can’t remember the last time your unit was serviced, it’s probably time to have it checked out!

Get your tankless water heater inspected today by calling Southern Pride Service at (301) 932-4925! The better you maintain your unit, the longer it will last.

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