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What Does the R-22 Phaseout Mean for Your AC Unit?

The refrigerant R-22 has been used in structural cooling and refrigeration systems since the 1950s. However, R-22 can be harmful to the environment, so the industry has been phasing out its use. Since January 2020, R-22 has not been sold, produced, or imported in the United States.

At Southern Pride Service, we’re dedicated to keeping our clients comfortable at affordable rates. We can provide comprehensive AC and refrigeration conversions so you can switch to one of the currently accepted refrigerant options.

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What is R-22?

R-22 was the industry standard for refrigerant of choice. It is also frequently called “Freon” after the company that produced the vast majority of the refrigerant used worldwide. It has been determined that R-22, which is a hydrofluorocarbon, carries serious risks to our environment, the ozone layer, and the health of occupants and contractors who come into contact with the chemical.

For these reasons, the industry has been steadily reducing the production of R-22, with the eventual goal of phasing it out entirely. Since 2010, new systems have used other, safer refrigerants — not R-22. As of this year, that phaseout is complete and no more R-22 is being imported or made at all.

Why Convert from R-22?

It is not illegal to continue to use your cooling system if it still holds R-22 in its refrigerant lines. This said, there are many reasons why converting as soon as possible is ideal. Converting to a different, more acceptable refrigerant is important because:

  • The cost of R-22 is already high and will continue to climb. This means that refrigerant leaks in a system that uses R-22 will be astronomically expensive very soon.
  • Scarcity will only increase, eventually leading to an inability to procure R-22 at all, which means a leak would result in needing to replace your unit entirely.
  • Alternative refrigerants, such as the most popular choice R-410a, have been shown to perform even better, potentially resulting in reduced energy costs.
  • Continued use of R-22 damages the ozone layer. It is also a hazardous material, making it potentially dangerous for homeowners, contractors, and building occupants.

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How is R-22 Conversion Done?

Refrigerant conversions and retrofits can be a complex task, requiring the careful removal and storage of the remaining R-22 in your system. From there, modifications must be made to the components in your system, and then the new refrigerant must be incorporated carefully.

Do note that conversions aren’t always the best solution! In many cases, especially if your cooling system is 10 years old or even older, you may do better to completely replace your air conditioner. This tends to be slightly more expensive overall, but it can save you more in energy efficiency and cost avoidance in the future.


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