Air Conditioning Installation

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Choosing the Right AC System For Your Southern Maryland Home

Do you have an older system in your home? Is it not heating your house to your comfort needs? Is it time for a replacement? Then it’s time to call on Southern Pride Service for expert installation service!

Correctly Sizing an AC System

It takes an expert to pick the right system for your home, and there are many factors to take into consideration. The size of the system installed in your home is an important one, because the right size is critical to providing comfort, efficiency, and low operating cost over the life of a system. The most common mistake is oversizing a system. This mistake costs more initially to install, increases maintenance costs, and causes the system not to run long enough to dehumidify a home, causing a muggy feeling and unhealthy mold growth within a home.

During the older era of home building when fewer regulations were in place, furnaces and air conditioners were being installed that had two to four times the necessary capacity. Because today’s homes are also better insulated to reduce heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer, picking a smaller system may be the way to go. This will reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs throughout the life of the system.  

To correctly size a system, it’s important to take in all the factors for your specific home when choosing a system installation. Factors included in the calculations are:

  • Local climate
  • Size
  • Shape and orientation of the home
  • Insulation type
  • Number of levels
  • Window size, orientation, and type
  • Air infiltration rates
  • Number of occupants in the home
  • Comfort preferences
  • Major home appliances
  • Efficiencies of lights 

To ensure the right system is being installed in your home, your contractor should be considering all of these factors – it is their responsibility. When you rely on the professionals at Southern Pride Service, you don’t have to worry – our experts have the experience and expertise to choose and install the right size system for your home, ensuring you and your family can enjoy a comfortable home!

The Southern Pride Services Difference

At Southern Pride Service, our highly trained technicians use load calculation programs that take all the factors possible into consideration when building our customers’ projects. Our team of industry experts will ensure that your AC installation process is flawless, guaranteeing an effective and efficient system that will bring you and your family comfort for years to come.

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AC Systems We Install

No matter what kind of air conditioner you need to keep your home cool and comfortable during the warm summer months, our team has the industry know-how to perform a flawless installation.

We specialize in the following system installations:

  • Central air conditioning
  • Heat pumps
  • Ductless mini-splits

If you’d like to discuss your home’s unique cooling needs or want to schedule AC installation services for your Southern Maryland or White Plains home, contact our trusted team today! 

Flexible Financing For AC Installation in Your Southern MD Home

We understand that investing in a new AC system for your southern Maryland or White Plains home can be a financial burden, which is why we have a variety of flexible financing options built for virtually any budget. Take a look and let our team of customer care experts provide you the peace of mind that comes with our quality, affordable AC installation services.