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Do I Need a New Air Conditioner This Spring?

Air Conditioning

As temperatures rise in Southern Maryland, it’s time to prepare your AC for spring. However, if you struggled with inconsistent cooling last summer, it may be time to replace your AC. It’s important to make this decision early in the season, as going into the hottest time of the year without reliable cooling can leave you stuck in the heat.

At Southern Pride Service, we know a new cooling system is a big investment in your home. That’s why our highly experienced professionals are here with tips on when you need to buy a new air conditioner, so your comfort isn’t compromised this summer.

Age of the Air Conditioner

Even with routine maintenance, the average lifespan of an AC is between 10 and 15 years. While a new system is a major investment, it’s often the more cost-effective choice. An older AC may require expensive repairs and may not run efficiently, resulting in high energy bills.

Most experts recommend replacing your system at the 10-year mark to improve your HVAC’s functionality and your overall comfort.

Frequent Repairs

As your AC ages and experiences normal wear and tear, you may find yourself calling for repairs more often. These repairs also tend to get more and more expensive as critical components in the system break down and require replacement. That’s why we recommend replacing your AC once you find yourself paying for repairs every year.

You can also use the $5,000 rule – multiply the cost of an AC repair by the age of the system, and if that equals more than $5,000, the better financial decision is a replacement.

Inconsistent Cooling

Thanks to Southern Maryland’s hot and humid temperatures, you want to know your cooling system is reliable. When your unit can no longer provide consistent cooling, it may be time to consider a replacement. Whether your system blows warm air or it often has frustrating breakdowns, you’ll benefit from a new unit that functions at peak performance.

Rising Energy Bills

Older ACs are less efficient than new models on the market and continue to lose efficiency over time. With roughly 50% of your energy spending going toward HVAC, an efficient system can dramatically impact your comfort and wallet. When you notice a steady rise in your utility bills, consider replacing your outdated AC. Your energy savings will ultimately offset the cost of installing a new system, thanks to your unit’s superior efficiency.

Unusual Noises & Odors

Strange smells and sounds indicate it may be time for an AC replacement. Homeowners may notice an unpleasant smell due to mold and bacteria that accumulate within the unit. These harmful pollutants can then enter the home and affect your indoor air quality. Loud grinding noises may be the sound of your system reaching the end of its lifespan.

Call Southern Pride Service for Your New Air Conditioner

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Plus, with our free estimates on replacements and available financing, we’ll help you find the right option from industry-leading brands that meet your needs and fit your budget.

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