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Water heaters play an important role in your home’s comfort. They’re a subtle yet highly significant feature of your home, so whether you have a tank or tankless water heater, make sure it performs optimally with the expert touch of Southern Pride Service.

Proudly serving southern Maryland since 1993, Southern Pride Service is your local, family-owned, operated HVAC company.

Our background-checked, licensed, and experienced technicians are eager to inspect and repair your water heater. Learn why more White Plains homeowners are turning to us for their HVAC needs.

Call (301) 932-4925 to schedule your home’s water heater repair.

Signs You Need Water Heater Repair

You may not realize it, but your water heater is always communicating with you. It communicates what state it’s in so that big repairs don’t have to be unexpected.

These are the common warning signs that your water heater could use a repair:

  • Inconsistent water temperature: Water that frequently changes temperature is a clear sign that your water heater needs some work.
  • Unusual sounds: If you hear weird noises coming from your water heater, such as banging, popping, or rumbling, you should have your water heater inspected.
  • Water leaks: A poorly functioning water heater will also have leaks. Check your water heater for any puddles or signs of water pooling.
  • Foul odors: Your water heater might be struggling if you notice unpleasant smells from the hot water.
  • Water heater age: Most water heaters have a 10-year life span. If your unit is approaching that range or even beyond it, have a professional look at it.

Professional Tank & Tankless Water Heater Repair

No matter what kind of water heater your home has, count on Southern Pride Service to handle the job.

Our technicians are trained and well-versed in traditional water heater and tankless water heater services. We offer comprehensive services for repair, maintenance, replacement, and installation.

Call (301) 932-4925 today to schedule tankless water heater repairs in White Plains.

Why Choose Us?

Stop worrying about your home’s water heater with our professional services. When you enlist the help of Southern Pride Service, you’ll enjoy the efficiency, trustworthiness, fairness, and honesty of our work.

Enjoy our same-day service when you call (301) 932-4925 to request repairs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Water Heaters

Common questions we receive about water heaters include:


Why won't the pilot light on my water heater stay lit?

If the pilot light on your water heater won’t stay lit, you could have a problem with the thermocouple, gas supply, or another component. Have a water heater expert inspect it to diagnose and resolve the problem.

Why do I keep running out of hot water?

You might be running out of hot water because your water heater has issues with the heating element, thermostat, or sediment buildup in the tank. Have a professional inspect your unit and fix any issues.

Can I still use a water heater if it's leaking?

It’s not recommended to still use a water heater if it’s leaking. This can cause further damage to the unit. We recommend turning your water heater off if it’s leaking, and then having a professional repair the leak.

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Jim, Waldorf, MD

We have used Southern Pride for 23 years. They have been excellent always. They have replaced units for us and provided twice annual service in the fall and spring over the many years. I highly recommend them to anyone needing heating and cooling service.

Calvin Allen, Accokeek, MD

Professional and courteous as always. Know my system well and keep it running without costing me a fortune

Susan Brunson Waldorf, MD

On time, efficient and very helpful and informative.

Bill Smith, Clinton, MD

Semi-annual AC/Heating service was easy to schedule and Mark, service technician, showed up on schedule. Mark’s demeanor and appearance represent the ideal of what one should expect of a professional visiting your home. He demonstrated exceptional knowledge and expertise in thoroughly checking out our system and giving appropriate advice. He answered all of my questions to my satisfaction. Southern Price Service is an excellent company and Mark adds significantly to the company’s reputation. Well Done!