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No furnace lasts forever. The average unit is functional for between 15 and 30 years. Once your unit has reached the end of its service life, it will start to experience frequent breakdowns that can result in years of expensive repairs. If you start racking up repair costs, it’s time to replace your furnace. 

Modern technology is on your side, though. Today’s high-efficiency units can shrink your carbon footprint and reduce your running costs. A new furnace will save you from expensive repairs and provide a slew of benefits.

When you need a new furnace, trust the experts at Southern Pride Service! We’ll guide you through the selection process and properly install your new system.

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Jim, Waldorf, MD

We have used Southern Pride for 23 years. They have been excellent always. They have replaced units for us and provided twice annual service in the fall and spring over the many years. I highly recommend them to anyone needing heating and cooling service.

Calvin Allen, Accokeek, MD

Professional and courteous as always. Know my system well and keep it running without costing me a fortune

Susan Brunson Waldorf, MD

On time, efficient and very helpful and informative.

Bill Smith, Clinton, MD

Semi-annual AC/Heating service was easy to schedule and Mark, service technician, showed up on schedule. Mark’s demeanor and appearance represent the ideal of what one should expect of a professional visiting your home. He demonstrated exceptional knowledge and expertise in thoroughly checking out our system and giving appropriate advice. He answered all of my questions to my satisfaction. Southern Price Service is an excellent company and Mark adds significantly to the company’s reputation. Well Done!

Signs You Need To Replace Your Furnace

An aging furnace tends to have frequent breakdowns, so no, it isn’t your imagination. Your unit is winding down to the end of its service life. You need a new furnace if:

  • Your unit is over 15 years old. If you didn’t install your own furnace, check the serial number. Your HVAC contractor may be able to tell you its age by this number.
  • Your energy bills have skyrocketed without explanation. Furnaces are one of the home’s biggest energy consumers, so it’s crucial to address high utility bills.
  • Your unit is no longer achieving the warmth it once did. If you feel cold or are experiencing cold patches, you may have an air leak or malfunctioning thermostat. Outmoded technology is also a poor heat disseminator, so you might be due for an upgrade.
  • You’re experiencing an unusual amount of dust or allergens. This might be a sign that your ductwork needs to be cleaned, but it could also mean your unit is permanently damaged.
  • You’re picking up unusual scents and sounds. Cracks, corrosion, and banging can signal the need for a repair or replacement. A musty scent could be a sign of a dangerous black mold infestation.
  • Your unit isn’t cycling correctly. Frequent or constant cycling could mean your unit is on its way out.

If you’ve noticed any of these signs or others, it’s time to consider replacing your furnace. Call Southern Pride Service at 301-932-4925 to learn more about your options!

When To Replace Instead of Repair

When your furnace has hit the 15-year mark, it can be difficult to decide whether to repair it or install a new one. There is no easy answer to this question. The blower motor and capacitator are the most expensive parts to replace. If these components fail at 15 years or later, it often makes economic sense to buy a new unit. Draft inducers, gas valves, and circuit boards can be just as expensive, but before you make an extreme decision, speak to Southern Pride Service.

Our knowledgeable technicians will provide an expert assessment. If your furnace is 20 years old, even an economical repair can be impractical. Once your system is at the end of its service life, a replacement is always better than a repair.


Choose Southern Pride Service for Your Furnace Replacement

Southern Pride Service has provided exceptional furnace installations since 1993. We have more than 25 years of experience, which is why we can offer you a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We understand that furnace installations can be hard on the wallet, so we offer upfront pricing and full transparency.

Ready to experience the Southern Pride Service difference? Call 301-932-4925 today.

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