Frequently Asked Questions

A Southern Pride Service technician answering questions for a valued customer!

General FAQs

Is Southern Pride Service a licensed contractor?

Yes, we are licensed and insured. Our Maryland HVACR license is: #18273 and our Virginia HVACR license is #2705143865.

What does HVAC stand for?

Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning.

How often should my equipment be serviced?

For residential customers, Southern Pride Service recommends twice a year. Some may look at it as a Spring and Fall check because of the change in weather will cause the system to perform differently. Depending on what type of environment your system is in, our trained technicians could change their frequency recommendation to keep your system running at peak efficiency.

How often should I change equipment’s air filters?

Once a month to sustain the efficiency of the system’s performance.

If my HVAC system isn’t working, what should I check before placing a service request?

First, check that the air conditioner or heat pump is turned on. Next, check that the breakers and disconnects are turned on. Make sure the thermostat is set correctly. Then check for strange smells and unusual noises.

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