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An efficient furnace relies on a huge range of technologies and moving parts, from filter systems and thermostats to vents and electrical wiring. Each component of your system can only do its job if it’s in perfect condition, but vents tend to clog and wiring tends to fail.

All heating systems age and become blocked, so your furnace needs a service at least once a year. Ideally, you’ll order a comprehensive tune-up every autumn and spring. With a thorough HVAC contractor on your side, all your winters will be cozy and warm.

Contact Southern Pride Service at 301-932-4925 or online to get the most out of your furnace, from increasing its efficiency to improving its performance and prolonging its life span.


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Jim, Waldorf, MD

We have used Southern Pride for 23 years. They have been excellent always. They have replaced units for us and provided twice annual service in the fall and spring over the many years. I highly recommend them to anyone needing heating and cooling service.

Calvin Allen, Accokeek, MD

Professional and courteous as always. Know my system well and keep it running without costing me a fortune

Susan Brunson Waldorf, MD

On time, efficient and very helpful and informative.

Bill Smith, Clinton, MD

Semi-annual AC/Heating service was easy to schedule and Mark, service technician, showed up on schedule. Mark’s demeanor and appearance represent the ideal of what one should expect of a professional visiting your home. He demonstrated exceptional knowledge and expertise in thoroughly checking out our system and giving appropriate advice. He answered all of my questions to my satisfaction. Southern Price Service is an excellent company and Mark adds significantly to the company’s reputation. Well Done!

Furnace Maintenance

Your furnace counts on your ductwork to carry heat, but your ventilation system gets as grimy as the rest of your home. When ducts become dirty and dust-riddled, your furnace will distribute impurities throughout your house, so one of the most important components of maintenance is a thorough clean.

This will prevent overheating, improve heat distribution, and reduce allergies. High energy bills are another sign your furnace is suffering from dirt buildup.

Annual maintenance also prevents serious carbon monoxide leaks. If your flame is discolored, you need to address the problem immediately, but prevention is always better than cure.

At Southern Pride Service, we offer exceptional furnace maintenance and upfront pricing. This way, you can rest easy knowing the coming winter will be a pleasant one.

Call 301-932-4925 to schedule routine maintenance.


Why Order Furnace Maintenance?

Furnace tune-ups are a crucial part of your home’s health. They play an important role in preventing expensive breakdowns and the loss of costly components. A little dust can cause a host of catastrophic breakages, so the most economical way to handle repairs is to keep them from happening.

Annual furnace maintenance will:

  • Detect ailing components before they need to be replaced
  • Reduce your running costs by improving your furnace’s energy efficiency
  • Reduce the number of repairs you need
  • Help your furnace achieve its full service life

Your furnace needs to do more than just provide heating power. It also needs to offer even heat distribution. Regular tune-ups will prevent cold spots and improve temperature detection so you can enjoy the perfect temperature in every room in your home.

Are you ready to enjoy the benefits of annual furnace maintenance? Then call our skilled team at 301-932-4925.

Our Furnace Maintenance Process

Every furnace is different. Some furnace maintenance jobs are universal to all technologies in this category, but Southern Pride Service takes tune-ups to the next level by offering unique maintenance that suits your particular brand and model.

Our team is trained in working with a huge range of furnaces. We can counteract everyday wear and tear through our maintenance steps, which can include:

  • Replacing your pleated or unpleated air filters with the correct products for your unit
  • Cleaning your flame sensor and burners
  • Inspecting your carbon monoxide detector and heat exchanger
  • Oiling your blowers and inducer fans
  • Cleaning your humidifier
  • Checking your electrical controls and wiring
  • Making sure your thermostat is working as it should
  • Checking your ductwork and clearing your air registers
  • Oiling and cleaning. Furnaces have a lot of moving parts, so it’s crucial to keep them turning over cleanly.

Get the most out of your furnace by contacting us to schedule a furnace tune-up!

Choose Southern Pride Service for Your Furnace Maintenance

Southern Pride Service has been keeping furnaces in excellent condition since 1993. We’ve built our considerable reputation by offering reliable service and transparent pricing. Our customized approach to maintenance and 100% satisfaction guarantee results in exceptional work quality and precise solutions.

Schedule furnace maintenance today by calling 301-932-4925.

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