How To Clean Your Furnace At Home

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Learning how to clean your furnace is an important task to keep on your home maintenance schedule. Dirt and dust affect the major components of your furnace, so cleaning is the most essential part of regular maintenance. There are three parts of the furnace that should be cleaned: the filter system, the blower, and the motor.

You should also clean or replace your furnace filter at the beginning of the heating season, as well as once a month during continuous use.

Note of Caution: before you get started on any cleaning project for your furnace, be sure to turn off your home’s gas and electricity. If you don’t know how to turn it off, please call us to clean your furnace for you. As your trusted Southern Maryland HVAC professionals, we can assist with cleaning and answering any questions you have.

Here are 3 tips that you can use when cleaning your furnace.

3 Tips For Cleaning Your Furnace:


1) Clean Your Ducts.

First, you’ll need a vacuum with a HEPA filter to clean your furnace ducts. Place the vacuum in the ducts to remove dirt and debris. You can access your ducts from the vents.

2) Change Your Filters.

This is the easiest way to keep your furnace clean as replacing it frequently removes dust, pollen, mildew, and mold. We recommend changing your filter at least 4 times a year.

3) Clean The Main Parts of Your Furnace.

We suggest using a Wet/Dry Vac with brush attachments and crevice tools. Use the crevice to loosen built-up dirt and debris.

Routine Maintenance is a Game Changer in the Life of Your Furnace

Once a year you should take some time to perform a checkup on your furnace. Routine maintenance and cleaning will assist you in keeping heating bills low and make your home more energy efficient.

If the job seems too massive or you simply don’t have time, we’re just around the corner.

Southern Pride Service Inc. provides furnace cleaning services for families throughout Southern Maryland and the surrounding area. We are ready to answer your call.

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