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5 Air Conditioning Estimate Questions To Ask

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Are you looking to upgrading your cooling system or installing air conditioning for the first time? It’s essential that you request an air conditioning estimate from a qualified, professional HVAC company.

Along with your mortgage, utility costs are among the highest costs of an operating household.

Air conditioning makes up a large portion of your utilities, and the older a system is, the less dependable it becomes.

For homeowners who are assessing HVAC companies, we’ve put together 5 important questions to ask to assist you during this process.

Be Prepared With The Right Questions to Ask When Receiving An Air Conditioning Estimate…

Asking the Right Questions Is Crucial

Begin your research by reading the company’s reviews, you can also ask friends for referrals, and arrange questions to ask when you meet with a technician.

1. What brands do you offer, and why do you prefer those brands?

Once you know the brands they offer, you may also want to follow up with these additional questions.

  • Is the new system energy efficient?
  • What is the SEER Rating?
  • Can I expect a decrease in my utility bills?

2. What are the payment terms? 

Asking about the payment terms during the air conditioning estimate is something people often forget. You need to consider your budget for paying on the new air conditioner if you aren’t paying all at once.

3. Does your company or the manufacturer offer financing?

If you aren’t paying out of pocket then its important to know who is offering the financing option. Knowing this can help you make the best decision.

4. Can you provide proof that your company is bonded and insured?

A lot of people don’t consider whether a company is bonded and insured while seeking out an estimate. However, this is important to know up front so that you remain protected.

5. Will you provide your estimate in writing, with all of the terms and conditions we discuss?

Having your air conditioner estimate in writing will give you time to consider all of the terms and conditions. You will also be able to compare it to other quotes to make the best decision for your home.

Additionally ,you need to make sure they handle all of the necessary permits and approvals with the local authorities.

Reputation and References

A well-respected air conditioning contractor will have no problem answering these and any other questions you have when inquiring an estimate.

Being prepared with the right questions for your technician will help you understand your cooling system’s needs and allow you to make the best and most educated decision when you upgrade your new air conditioning system.

Wrapping It Up

Hopefully, we’ve armed with the questions you should be asking before the decision-making process begins. You will be prepared for any air conditioning concerns that you need to know.

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