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Tips for Using Air Conditioner During the Winter

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Although the winter brings a lot of low, brisk temperatures with it, southern Maryland still sees many warm fronts throughout the season. That’s why it can be hard to determine when to use and not use air conditioning to escape the hotter days.

You won’t be using your AC nearly as much as you would in summer, but there are still some ways you can maintain its performance and energy-efficiency. Below, we’ve discussed some methods you can take to stay as comfortable and eco-friendly as possible during winter.

Don’t Make Drastic Changes in the Temperature

While nothing is more refreshing than kicking your AC into full gear when you’re feeling a bit too toasty, it can make your unit work a lot harder than it needs to. It’s nice to let air circulate in through open windows on milder days, but this can result in a huge change in temperature when chilly nights hit.

Instead, try turning your AC off and switching your ceiling fans on to better balance your home’s temperature throughout the day. This will increase your home’s overall comfort and preserve the energy used by your AC unit.

Change Dirty Air Filters

There’s no denying that AC units can be a bit neglected during the colder months; however, it’s crucial to still prioritize regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance. One important step is to routinely change the air filters. If you’re using your HVAC system regularly, the filters should be changed roughly every one to two months, and it can be pushed back to every three to four months if you only use your system intermittently.

Update Your Thermostat Settings

The technological advances in thermostats are an impeccable way to save time and money and enhance your home’s comfort. With a programmable thermostat, you can create a customizable program that will follow a schedule that meets the demands of the ever-changing temperature. You may also want to keep your thermostat set to manual mode so you can set the temperature yourself for the most accuracy.

Following these simple tips and tricks is your best bet at improving the overall atmosphere of your home, increasing energy-efficiency, and preserving your AC unit.

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