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Top 3 Things You Need To Know About Air Conditioning Repair

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Your cooling system works extremely hard to keep you and your family comfortable all summer. Most of us forget it’s even there. We’ve become so familiar with things like our air conditioner that we usually take it for granted.

That is exactly why cooling system repair moments hit us extremely hard. You never really consider what would happen if you lose a simple everyday comfort until you lose it, and because of this, we usually don’t know what to do when we do.

In this article, we are going to give you 3 tips to know, to hopefully make this process easier for you.

So, what tips do I need to know?


Check your AC thermostat settings.

Usually, your room temperature and the current outdoor temperature should never be more than about 20 degrees apart.


    • More than that is asking too much of your cooling system and could cause your system to perform improperly. Adjust your thermostat and give your AC system time to adjust.


Check your outdoor AC unit!


  • Are the fins of your cooling system damaged or bent? If yes, attempt to straighten out the fins so your air conditioning unit can properly function.
  • Is there a significant amount of dirt and debris built up around your unit? If so, clear any debris or overgrown plants around your unit.

Last but not least, you may need to call an HVAC professional.


  • The need for a repair service is going to happen; which is why it’s vital to have a trained HVAC professional to call for assistance at all times.


Wrapping It Up

Since 1993, Southern Pride Service has treated customers as a top priority!

We respond promptly to your needs and handle your residential air conditioning questions with the highest care and consideration. Our technicians will sit down with you, providing a thorough explanation of any services needed. We make sure that you understand and agree before taking any action, so you can have peace of mind in your decision.