Celebrating 30 Years of Keeping You Cool and Comfortable

Don’t underestimate the value of a well-working HVAC system. A comfortable, efficient, well-ventilated home supports your overall wellness and your pocketbook. Take the time to ensure your HVAC system is tuned and ready for whatever comes its way with professional HVAC repair and installation in St. Mary’s County, MD. Maryland area residents have been choosing our skilled technicians at Southern Pride Service for nearly 30 years because we offer:

  • Convenient, hassle-free HVAC services
  • Honest service
  • Local, family-owned business
  • Fast repairs done right
  • Upfront pricing — always!

Our Service Area:

  • Mechanicsville
  • Leonardtown
  • California
  • Mary’s City
  • Lexington Park
  • Charlotte Hall
  • Golden Beach
  • Piney Point
  • George Island
  • Tall Timbers

Prevent the stress and expense of an HVAC emergency. Contact Southern Pride Service today at (301) 932-4925 to schedule an HVAC repair or tune-up.

Air Conditioner Repairs in St. Mary’s County ― Get Cool Air Fast!

AC repairs in St. Mary’s County are made easy with the professionals at Southern Pride Service. Common AC problems our skilled technicians repair include:

  • Thermostat issues
  • Broken circuit breaker or fuse
  • Frozen evaporator coils
  • Damaged AC components
  • Low refrigerant

A Maryland summer without a reliable air conditioning system can be uncomfortable and even dangerous for pets and elderly. Contact Southern Pride Service today at (301) 932-4925 to schedule an AC repair.

Air Conditioner Replacement/Installation ― Upgrade Today!

Southern Pride Service specializes in designing, engineering, and installing air conditioning systems in St. Mary’s County to meet your unique needs. Upgrading to a new, efficient air conditioning system offers homeowners some worthwhile benefits such as:

  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Lower utility bills
  • Increased comfort
  • Improved air quality
  • Enhanced durability
  • High-tech features and add-ons

Invest in quality performance with a new high-efficiency air conditioning unit. Contact Southern Pride Service today at (301) 932-4925 to request a free quote.

Heat Pump Repair in St. Mary’s County, Maryland

When you need heat pump repair in St. Mary’s County, enlist HVAC professionals that are committed to delivering you the best service Maryland has to offer. Common heat pump issues our licensed and trained technicians fix include:

  • Thermostat issues (no warm air)
  • Compressor, refrigerant, or valve issues (blowing cold air)
  • Dirty coils (prevent proper airflow)
  • Insufficient heating (dirty air filters, clogged ducts)
  • Dirty or damaged outdoor coils, supply and return registers, and fan (poor performance)
  • Weird noises (loose fan belt, leaking refrigerant)
  • Odd smells (mold accumulation or an electrical issue)

Don’t put off getting a heat pump repaired. Problems can escalate when ignored and lead to bigger, more expensive issues. Our trained and licensed technicians will sit down with you to provide a thorough explanation of our recommended services before we act.

Contact Southern Pride Service today at (301) 932-4925 to schedule a heat pump inspection.

Heat Pump Installation in St. Mary’s County

Southern Pride Service’s heat pump installers in St. Mary’s County are known for their quality and trustworthy HVAC services. More and more are turning to heat pumps for their heating and cooling needs because of the wide range of benefits and advantages of heat pumps, including:

  • Efficiency: A heat pump can achieve heating equal to 300% of the energy you put into it.
  • Comfort: Heat pumps produce air with normal humidity, helping you avoid the eye, skin, and nose issues often associated with dry furnace air.
  • Versatility: Heat pumps work year-round, keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Discover all the ways that a heat pump installation can benefit you by contacting Southern Pride Service today at (301) 932-4925. 

Furnace Repairs

A furnace on the fritz can be both uncomfortable and hazardous when Maryland temperatures plummet. Scheduling furnace repairs in St. Mary’s County keeps your energy bills low and extends the life span of your unit.  Common furnace problems Southern Pride Service technicians fix include:

  • Replacing the igniter assembly
  • Fixing a leaky furnace
  • Replacing bad furnace filters
  • Repairing a cracked heat exchanger
  • Addressing odd odors or noises

Acting on small furnace issues when you notice them will help you avoid an untimely breakdown. Don’t get caught in the cold this winter! Schedule your furnace repair today by contacting Southern Pride Service at (301) 932-4925. 

Furnace Installation

Being picky about who installs your furnace is responsible home management. Quality furnace installation ensures quality performance. The skilled professionals at Southern Pride Service can both install and maintain your furnace to keep your investment intact and efficient.

We install gas furnaces, electric furnaces, high-efficiency furnaces, and replacement furnaces, and we work with top brands like Goodman, Mitsubishi Electric, and American Standard.

Partner with Southern Pride Service to improve the comfort and efficiency of your home. Contact us today at (301) 932-4925 or online to schedule a certified professional for your St. Mary’s County, Maryland furnace installation!

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