Celebrating 30 Years of Keeping You Cool and Comfortable

Your home should be your oasis away from the world, so its comfort is of the utmost importance. Your HVAC system provides more than just shelter from the hot summers and chilly winters, though. It can also purify your home’s air, getting rid of allergens and toxins. Southern Pride Service understands the importance of your health, so we offer high-quality HVAC repair and installation in Calvert County, MD.

As a leading provider of HVAC installation in Calvert County, Maryland, we can bring you the finest products and friendliest service in the region. We’re family-owned, so we bring these values to every home we improve. Our end-to-end service takes care of the installation, maintenance, and repair of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment on an upfront price. Whether you need a basic furnace or premium HVAC equipment, we have the skills to manage it.

Our service areas in Calvert County include:

  • Prince Frederick
  • Lusby
  • North Beach
  • Solomons
  • Dunkirk
  • Huntingtown
  • Broomes Island
  • Owings
  • Chesapeake Beach
  • Saint Leonard

We value transparency, so we pride ourselves on our hassle-free, convenient HVAC service. Call us today at 301-932-4925 or contact us online to arrange a consultation.

Air Conditioner Repairs — Get Cool Air Fast!

Stuck in the middle of summer with a broken air conditioner? Southern Pride Service has your back. Our AC repairs in Calvert County are always prompt and reliable. If your AC unit is presenting with thermostat glitches, hot air, or leaking ducts, we’ll take care of your problem in no time. We’ll make quick work of noises and foul scents, too. Call us for a quick, budget-friendly repair at 301-932-4925.

Air Conditioner Replacement and Installation

Your air conditioner has a life span of 15 to 20 years. If you’re enduring frequent breakages or inefficient cooling, it might be time for a replacement or upgrade. If you’re new to the AC market, we’ll guide you through your options and make sure you find the perfect unit for your household and budget. We specialize in designing, engineering, and installing air conditioning systems in Calvert County to meet your specific needs. Upgrading to a new, more efficient system can also benefit you with more reliable cooling and lower energy bills. If you’re ready for a cooler indoor climate, call us at 301-932-4925.

Heat Pump Repair in Calvert County

Heat pumps are sophisticated enough to manage your indoor temperatures from season to season, but, like any technology, they can be prone to breakages. We handle heat pump repair for a range of symptoms. Your unit needs attention if it:

  • Fails to turn on
  • Carries an odd scent
  • Makes unusual noises
  • Offers insufficient heating or cooling

If your heat pump is running constantly but not producing the right temperature, you might have a refrigerant leak or compressor problem. If you think your heat pump is failing, it’s best to shut it off and call our skilled technicians. Call our team at 301-932-4925.

Heat Pump Installations

Your heat pump has a relatively long life of 14 to 15 years. If you’ve reached the end of that span, we’ll talk you through your replacement options and perform a quick, reliable installation. Some benefits of installing a heat pump include:

  • Year-round comfort in one system
  • Lower energy costs
  • More efficient heating and cooling

As one of the best heat pump installers in Calvert County, we’re experienced in dealing with a huge range of heat pump brands. We’ll help you to navigate the market and choose a product that’s affordable and effective.

Furnace Repairs in Calvert County

Furnaces are prone to wear and tear, particularly if they aren’t properly maintained. We offer furnace repairs for:

  • Broken thermostats
  • Frequent cycling
  • Inefficient temperature control
  • Dirty or clogged filters
  • Noise
  • Pilot light problems

Furnace Installation

Poor furnace installation can lead to gas leaks, wiring problems, and faulty connections that threaten your family’s welfare. It’s important to use an experienced team, so try Southern Pride Service. Our workers are experienced with installing a huge range of furnaces, from electric and gas furnaces to high-efficiency products. We work with popular brands like Goodman, Mitsubishi Electric, and American Standard. If you need a new furnace installed, call us today at 301-932-4925.