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7 Easy Ways to Lower Your HVAC Energy Costs

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With the warmer seasons coming so will higher electric bills, while you try to fight to keep you and your family cool from the intense heat. No one wants these higher costs, but the sweltering heat can really take a toll on you, your house, and your loved ones.

Thankfully, we have many ways to fight higher air conditioning costs. Today we will be sharing 7 ways to lower your HVAC energy costs. 

These tips will help you lower your HVAC energy costs…

Upgrade Your Windows

Many homes typically have older windows, and this can factor into your rising electric bill.

If your home has old windows, they are most likely no very energy efficient. Our tip for you to cut the costs of cooling your home is to install new energy-efficient windows. Of course, installing new windows has it’s upfront costs involved, however, it will save you much more money in the long run with lower bills.

Seal Your Windows

One thing many homeowners are unaware of is the fact that their windows may have a crack or leak that is letting out cold air and letting in warm air.

If your windows are poorly sealed, they are most likely leaking air, this means that your air conditioning system is actually working harder and exhausting itself. Our tip for you to resolve this issue is to caulk any leaks or cracks, caulking leaks or cracks, and even weather-stripping your windows. This will stop the cool air from leaking out of your windows and the warm air from coming in, so your system will no longer have to overwork itself, ultimately keeping your home cooler, and lowering the cost of your electric bill.

Use Ceiling Fans

This seems pretty simple and self-explanatory, but, ceiling fans circulate cool air, this takes some of the heavy lifting off of your air conditioning system.

So our tip for you is to use your existing ceiling fans, or install them if you don’t have any, to increase energy efficiency and stop your bill from raising.

Reduce Incoming Sunlight

Many of us know, the sun is extremely hot, but it can actually increase your bill by warming your house. Sunlight that comes in through your windows actually raises the temperature inside of your home. Our tip to you is to attempt to block the sunlight. One of the ways you could do this is by, planting some trees around your windows to produce shade, however, another option that is more affordable is to purchase blackout shades or curtains.

Insulate Your Walls and Attics

As we mentioned above, windows in your home could be leaking air, however, windows aren’t the only part of your home that could be leaking air. Attics, walls and crawl spaces lose air as well. Our tip for you is to have your home professionally insulated your home. This is key if you have an older home, we believe it is well worth the investment.

Find Lower Ground

One main thing to note is, that heat rises, so our tip for you is to try to avoid the upper floors of your home as much as possible. If you do this, you can most likely leave your thermostat on a higher temperature for longer during the day. This also means you can most likely lower the temperature at night for an upstairs bedroom.

Get Your AC System Serviced

This tip is also straight forward and self-explanatory, but if your unit is not working properly, it could also raise the cost of your bill. So, our tip for you is to hire a local contractor to service your air conditioning system, to keep your system working properly. If you do decide to hire a contractor, the service should include cleaning any outdoor coils, checking any voltage connections, and making sure that the refrigerant in your unit is at proper levels.

Reputation and References

A well-respected air conditioning contractor will have no problem answering any questions you have on how to lower your HVAC energy costs. 


Wrapping It Up

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