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3 Home Heating Hacks To Save You Money


Winters in Southern Maryland seem to get colder as the years pass, don’t they? Older homes feel the frigid chill the most, but all homes suffer to some extent. These bone-chilling temperatures can use more heat and cost you more money. Thankfully, we have three home heating hacks to relieve that teeth-chattering frost and keep your costs down.

3 Heating Hacks To Reduce Your Heating Bills


Hack 1: Take Advantage of Solar Heat

Do you have south- or west-facing windows? A terrific way to heat your house naturally is to open your curtains or blinds when those windows are in direct sunlight. This lets the sun easily heat the room. Just be sure to put your blinds or curtains back when the sun is no longer on those windows, to help you retain the heat.

Hack 2: Use a Lower Thermostat Setting

If you can keep your thermostat at around 67° consistently during the winter (warmer during the day, cooler at night) you can save a lot of money on your energy bill.

According to HVAC industry sources, it’s possible to save around 3% on your heating bills with every degree you lower your thermostat over a 24-hour period.

Hack 3: Fix Drafty Doors & Windows

One of the most common issues that need to be addressed with doors and windows is air leaks. It doesn’t matter if your house is new or older, there’s a good chance your warm air is leaking out through drafty doors and windows. Sealing these leaks is a fast and relatively inexpensive way to immediately improve your home’s energy efficiency.

Save Money on Energy Bills This Winter

With these three heating hacks for your home, you should start seeing some savings each month during the winter.

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