5 Things To Know Before Buying An Air Conditioner

by | Air Conditioning

Like many systems, AC needs a little TLC to run properly. However, before you buy that next air conditioner, there’s a few things you need to know first.

Here are some quick and easy maintenance tips and tricks for air conditioning and window units.


5 Things Air Conditioner Buyers Should Know Before Buying


1. Why and How to Change Filters

Dirty filters are extremely bad for your cooling system’s efficiency, to prevent any issues, you should install a new one every month during summer (or properly clean them if you’ve got the washable type). Inspect the filter’s minimum efficiency reporting value, this typically ranges from 1 to 12; the larger the number, the greater filtration it provides.

2. Why and How to Insulate

Hot attics or crawl spaces should be properly insulated to keep the air within them cool. To do this you can use three different types of insulation, batt insulation, spray foam, or rigid foam insulation. When you seal your space with batt and rigid insulation you should use foil tape.

3. Why and How to Service Compressor/Condenser

A cooling system’s air compressor and condenser are typically outside the house, close to your foundation. It usually works best when there are around 24 inches of space on all sides, so try to eliminate tall grass, leaves, nearby shrubs, and hanging branches.

4. Why and How to Get Airflow

Opening and closing too many doors cause air conditioning systems to lose balance, which causes less airflow in the house.

5. Why and How to Keep Unit Cool

Help your cooling system continue running longer by keeping blinds or shades down during the day. Consider running the cooling system along with floor or ceiling fans to circulate cold air more successfully.

Wrapping It Up

Knowing these things before any decision-making process begins, you will be prepared for any air conditioning concerns that you need to know.

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