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U.S. Boiler – American Made. Proven Reliability.

Two Options for Keeping Warm this Winter

The U.S. Boiler Company offers the Alpine™, their most efficient boiler, and the K2™, a feature-packed high efficiency boiler available at an affordable price.

The Alpine Boiler has been certified as a "most efficient" boiler. At 95% AFUE, it is the highest efficiency product manufactured by the U.S. Boiler Company.

You will have the choice of a wall mounted or a floor model. The wall mounted boiler comes in four sizes (80-210 MBH). The cabinets are also designed to be stackable for installations which may require multiple boilers.


Alliance SL™ Indirect Water Heaters

Combining a U.S. Boiler with their Alliance SL™ Water Heater will reduce home heating bills and the bonus is an abundant supply of hot water. The Alliance SL™ uses heat generated by your boiler to produce and store hot water at a rate which can actually be more than it can be used!

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